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Mikrotik Product Catalog 2017

MikroTik provides routing, switching and wireless equipment for all possible uses – from the customer location, up to high end data centres.

We have an extensive network of trained consultants, training centres and distributors in almost every country of the world.

Established in Europe in 1996, we have 21 years of experience in networking and wireless installations.

Our in-house developed RouterOS software now supports most common and many special features and we are constantly adding new customer requested features.Build wireless links across seas, internet exchanges between countries, and secure tunnels between banks.

MikroTik can do it all.

All routers and switches you can find in Mikrotik Product Catalog 2017.

Why MikroTik?

• Best price/performance
• Millions of RouterOS powered devices currently routing the world
• Twenty one years of developing networking software and hardware
• Over 70’000 RouterOS trained and certified network engineers
• More than 5000 training classes in the last year
• World wide network of certified consultants
• Offering products that support simple CPEs to complex enterprise networks
• Thousands of pages of documentation, examples, application notes, and guides

MikroTik is a router software and hardware manufacturer, that offers the most user friendly, up to carrier-class routing and network management solutions.

Our products are used by ISPs, individual users and companies for building data network infrastructures all across the world. There are millions of installations worldwide going back as far as 1996!

Our mission is to make existing Internet technologies faster, more powerful, and affordable to wider range of users.

• Based in Europe

• 180 employees

• Established in 1996

• 21st anniversary this year

• RouterOS in 1997

• RouterBOARD in 2002

• First MUM Prague, Czech Republic in 2006 M


Author: 1 year ago

Google Assistant can now control Chromecasts from your phone

The Google Assistant has always been able to control Chromecasts from a Google Home, but now that ability is expanding to the Google Assistant on Android phones sa well. It appears to work for traditional Chromecasts, Chromecast Audio, and devices with Chromecast built in. We were able to get it to play YouTube and turn on and off a TV.
chromecast and google assistant

It’s a really helpful expansion for a couple of reasons. For one, it means that there’s less fragmentation between the Google Assistant across various platforms, which should lead to less confusion for users; you ought to be able to ask it to do all the same things on all your devices. But also, it’ll be a handy feature for anyone who’s using Android and a Chromecast, but doesn’t own a Google Home.

Author: 1 year ago

New IOS 11 Features

This week is special because of the official arrival of iOS 11. Apple’s latest operating system boasts quite a few party tricks that you’re going to want to try out. Here are some of the best new features, from playing with the magic of expanded reality to adding a dock to your iPad interface.

 You can order a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, or simply install the new software when your device prompts you to do so. In addition to the recently-announced iPhone models, many older phones and tablets will be able to download iOS 11. If your device is currently running iOS 10—in other words, if you own an iPhone 5s or later, a 5th generation iPad or later, an iPad mini 2 or later, or a 6th generation iPod Touch or later—you can install the new operating system. However, if you have the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, or fourth generation 2012 iPad, you’re out of luck; those devices are not eligible for the upgrade.
Author: 1 year ago

Snapchat – a new profession?

How much money you got per month when you were 13?

We can assure it doesn’t even come close to the lucrative money “teen influencers” are earning using Snapchat nowadays.

Unlike Gen Y’s primary use of the service to discretely send suspicious pictures, teenagers as young as 13 are cashing in on the social media platform.

Using Snapchat-focused product Fanbytes, popular users of the platform are getting connected with brands like Universal and Charlotte Tilbury to work together on advertising videos targeting people under the age of 21.

Last month, a 17-year-old kid got $A9,000 through delivering ads in one network. The average person is earning around $A2,500 a month.

Author: 1 year ago

Smarter Alexa

The fight of the smart speakers has become a constant back and forth between Amazon and Google. Last April, Google Home represented an ability to recognize individual voices. It allows the device to personalize its response for everyone in your house. This way, you’ll get your calendar briefing or curated music playlists when asking Assistant for them, and Google won’t mix up contacts when you call someone with the Home speaker. Today, Amazon announced that Alexa can now do the same thing.

You can set up recognition using the Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show. You will be asked to read aloud 10 phrases, and Alexa will then use that data to create a voice profile. After that’s done, voice profiles work across other Echo devices and “most” third-party party Alexa-enabled devices.

Author: 1 year ago

The waterproof Kindle

The waterproof Kindle has finally arrived. It’s been 10 years since Amazon has started selling Kindle.  But “waterproof” hasn’t appear on its list of incremental technological advancements until now. The company just announced a new version of its popular e-reader that builds on last year’s Kindle design and now has an IPX8 waterproof rating.

The new Kindle Oasis — the same name as last year’s premium Kindle — has been changed in size, it used to be a 6-inch screen, now it’s a 7-inch screen. It has an aluminum back, which gives it a more premium look and feel than the Kindles with soft-touch plastic.

Author: 1 year ago

Tamagotchis are back!

Do you remember Tamagotchis? There was no moment more painful in my childhood than when my brother took my Tamagotchi, put it in his pocket and it went through the wash…

But today is the day when I can finally forgive him, because six different models will go on sale next month for the pocket toy’s.

All we can say is 90s generation, get ready to put your phones down and fill your time with trying to make sure your digital pet doesn’t die a horrible death.

The new Tamagothis are based on the 97’s design from Japan.

Author: 1 year ago

We have self-driving cars nowadays, but what about the no-pilot plane?

No-pilot plane idea was around for a while. Apparently, self-flying planes would help to save $30 billion per year. But there are lots of topics to discuss before realizing it. The most important questions are: how safe is it? Who will deal with the emergencies? The medical help? How to protect from the hacks?

We believe, one day, will have the answers to those questions and we will be using self-flying planes but it will take tame. Remember when the self-driving cars where just in the movies? It took time but we have it now and we accept it as a normal thing.

Author: 1 year ago

Imagine to have your own Paparazzi. Sounds a bit scary but actually it is not as bad as we imagine.

Nowadays you can get a robot, which is just 50 centimeters tall, that will take photos of you.

The mini robot will take a capture your moments from the angle you wouldn’t consider capturing from.

You will be able to see your life through the toddler’s eyes.


Author: 1 year ago

Say goodbye to the tedious enrollment process with the new SmartStart feature, a creation of Z-Wave technology developer Sigma Designs.

There’s no guessing how to register a SmartStart product. Each has a unique QR code on the device itself, as well as the packaging.

Whatever Z-Wave hub (“gateway”) you’re working with, simply open the app for that system and scan the QR codes of the products to be paired. These wunderthings automatically go where they’re supposed to go within the app – lights over here, locks over there, everything in its place ….

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