Apple to let iPhone users turn off throttling soon

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It only took various different lawsuits and a lot of hate for Apple to finally give into the people and allow for users to disable the performance throttling that was slowing down older iPhones for increased battery life and stability.

This news was revealed in an interview between Apple CEO Tim Cook and ABC News, during which Cook said that in addition to being able to disable the throttling, Apple will also for the first time provide stats and info about the current health of a user’s iPhone battery.

While there wasn’t any specific release date announced for these features, they will be available for testing in the developer release iOS next month, going public some time after that.

It was mentioned that disabling the performance throttling is something that apple does not recommend, due to old degraded batteries having a chance of randomly forcing your phone to shutdown and shorter battery life. Although now the choice is up to the user.

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