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Adding Alexa to your car has never been so cheap.

The Muse looks like any number of car gadgets — it’s a disc about the size of an Oreo cookie that sticks to your dashboard and connects to a USB port or lighter socket. It contains a microphone and it connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

Speak Music is a company makes voice-recognition tech tailored for music accessories, enabling devices like headphones to better recognize very specific commands.
With Muse, the company is using its tech to bridge the gap between drivers and Amazon’s Alexa. Powered by a Qualcomm chip, the device combines Speak Music’s music-specific commands with everything you can already tell Alexa to do. In the car, that will probably mostly be playing podcasts and playlists from Amazon and its favored partners (like IHeartRadio and TuneIn … Spotify compatibility is “coming”), but you can also turn up your thermostat, start a to-do list, play voice-activated word games, or anything else you do with Alexa at home.

All of which is to say the Muse sounds like the ideal device for iPhone owners who want to bring Alexa to their cars cheaply and easily — especially if you use Alexa for music a lot. And since it has Bluetooth, USB, and Aux inputs, that means pretty much any car.


Author: 1 year ago

New IOS 11 Features

This week is special because of the official arrival of iOS 11. Apple’s latest operating system boasts quite a few party tricks that you’re going to want to try out. Here are some of the best new features, from playing with the magic of expanded reality to adding a dock to your iPad interface.

 You can order a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, or simply install the new software when your device prompts you to do so. In addition to the recently-announced iPhone models, many older phones and tablets will be able to download iOS 11. If your device is currently running iOS 10—in other words, if you own an iPhone 5s or later, a 5th generation iPad or later, an iPad mini 2 or later, or a 6th generation iPod Touch or later—you can install the new operating system. However, if you have the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, or fourth generation 2012 iPad, you’re out of luck; those devices are not eligible for the upgrade.
Author: 2 years ago

We have self-driving cars nowadays, but what about the no-pilot plane?

No-pilot plane idea was around for a while. Apparently, self-flying planes would help to save $30 billion per year. But there are lots of topics to discuss before realizing it. The most important questions are: how safe is it? Who will deal with the emergencies? The medical help? How to protect from the hacks?

We believe, one day, will have the answers to those questions and we will be using self-flying planes but it will take tame. Remember when the self-driving cars where just in the movies? It took time but we have it now and we accept it as a normal thing.

Author: 2 years ago

Imagine to have your own Paparazzi. Sounds a bit scary but actually it is not as bad as we imagine.

Nowadays you can get a robot, which is just 50 centimeters tall, that will take photos of you.

The mini robot will take a capture your moments from the angle you wouldn’t consider capturing from.

You will be able to see your life through the toddler’s eyes.


Author: 2 years ago

It’s coming! Soon enough we will be able to control everything with your face. New Facial recognition ERA is coming. You are already able to open your Samsung or iPhone by looking at it, and accessing your smartphone is just one of many ways that facial recognition will change our daily lives.

Apparently, in Europe, some hotels and shops use facial recognition to identify famous people. Why? To assure they get special treatment. Australia are already placing a system that lets airline passengers walk through security without passports.

Each of us has a different face, like fingerprints. Even twins are different, identical or not.

Author: 2 years ago

Alexa is one of the most popular voice technologies in the world. But are you sure you know everything about Alexa’s possibilities? Most of us use it for online shopping, check the weather or call a friend. Auto companies as BMW, Nissan, and Ford are integrating it into their latest models. Alexa, which lives in your house, now can be your passenger too. Imagine it’s a hot day and your car is like sauna inside. Alexa will start your vehicle remotely, for A/C to freshen up air, or  unlock the doors. You can even use it to order a cup of coffee from a coffee shop or food for a take away from a restaurant.

Author: 2 years ago