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Australia is currently using these LTE bands (LTE bandmask in brackets):

  • 2100MHz (B1) FDD (0000000000000001) – Telstra (a handful of sites), Optus (Darwin, Tasmania)
  • 1800MHz (B3) FDD (0000000000000004) – Telstra, Optus, Vodafone
  • 850MHz (B5) FDD (0000000000000010) – Vodafone
  • 2600MHz (B7) FDD (0000000000000040) – Optus, Telstra (TPG have a license but have not announced plans for it.)
  • 900MHz (B8) FDD (0000000000000080) – Telstra (a handful of sites, utilises spectrum previously used by 2G)
  • 700MHz (B28) FDD (0000000008000000) – Telstra, Optus
  • 2300MHz (B40) TDD (0000008000000000) – Optus (Vivid wireless spectrum, metropolitan area), NBN (regional area including Gold Coast)
  • 3500MHz (B42) TDD (0000020000000000) – Optus, NBN
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Snapchat – a new profession?

How much money you got per month when you were 13?

We can assure it doesn’t even come close to the lucrative money “teen influencers” are earning using Snapchat nowadays.

Unlike Gen Y’s primary use of the service to discretely send suspicious pictures, teenagers as young as 13 are cashing in on the social media platform.

Using Snapchat-focused product Fanbytes, popular users of the platform are getting connected with brands like Universal and Charlotte Tilbury to work together on advertising videos targeting people under the age of 21.

Last month, a 17-year-old kid got $A9,000 through delivering ads in one network. The average person is earning around $A2,500 a month.

Author: 1 year ago