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Why Obtain a Home Automation System?

Concerns over excessive energy expenditures in the home and wondering if you closed the storage area door are forever banned with home automation techniques. These high-tech solutions assist you to bring the “Home in the Future” from so many world fairs for your own residence, placing each light, appliance and device at home at your command. With home automation software that allows you to create scripted events along with macros, the possibilities for programmed intelligent home control will be nearly limitless. Take a look around at our top performers on this relatively new industry: mControl, HomeSeer along with PowerHome. For additional information, take a look in our articles on household automation systems.

Home Automation Techniques: What to Look Pertaining to

This burgeoning industry has spawned an option selection of products from several respected manufacturers. Here at TopTenREVIEWS, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful home automation systems accessible and ranked them determined by their performance in a variety of categories. We looked with the feature sets offered by each system, including the performance with their triggers, the flexibility with their macros and additional characteristics like voice recognition. The merchandise were also rated on the level of compatibility along with several popular applications—like iTunes along with Windows Media Center—as very well as home automation solutions like X10, INSTEON along with Z-Wave devices. Finally, we rated each system on its respective ease of use plus the customer support that each and every service offered.


In this particular section of the evaluations, we looked at whether the system offered remote access and to be able to construct basic triggers along with macros. The triggers are generally activated when certain designed conditions are met. By way of example, you can set a trigger to turn your lights on for a certain time the next day or to turn all of them off at sunset. Macros—defined loosely—are permutations of multiple triggers or even events. A macro could shut off all of your house lights at sundown, turn on the lights on the lateral side of the house and turn the radio on in your room. We also looked for voice recognition capabilities throughout each system.


A different important category for these kind of home automation systems is their compatibility. When you’re on the hunt for full-home automation, you should be sure that the product you end up picking will control the aspects of your abode that you want. We examined whether these programs works with popular media management applications like iTunes along with Windows Media Player. We also checked to be certain that they supported the favorite home automation device technologies like Z-Wave, X10 along with INSTEON. Finally, we searched for multiple OS compatibility.


This category, naturally, deals with the systems’ simplicity of use. We rated each product on its power to produce an intuitive user interface with triggers and macros which are simple to implement. Overcomplicated processes and clunky interfaces triggered systems to rank lower in this category.

Help & Service

In this criterion, we ranked each system on the customer service options which it provided, including telephone along with email support, user guides, tutorials and online certification. Less common features like a live chat option along with user forums were additionally included.

The best home automation techniques compared will include all of the above features in sufficient measurements. A feature-filled system that is compatible with your needs is crucial, as is an easily usable configuration with a good amount of customer service. Take a look at some of our top-rated products and make the best decision.

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